DBX Bushido Mouthguard White Teeth

• EVA + HydraGel material
• Easier and faster forming
• Perfectly fits the teeth

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DBX Bushido brand has established itself as one of the leading martial arts equipment providers for over a decade, offering high-quality products that meet the demands of both professional fighters and enthusiastic amateurs. Each product is rigorously tested under realistic training conditions to ensure durability, comfort, and the use of the highest-quality materials.
In collaboration with professional fighters and trainers, DBX Bushido ensures that only the best models make it to the production line, meeting the highest safety standards, and passing all training tests. From MMA gloves and kickboxing shin guards to hand wraps, mouthguards, and other fight accessories, DBX Bushido's two-step verification ensures that every product is safe and comfortable during training. All of their products are compliant with European safety standards (PN-EN 13277-1:2002 and PN-EN 13277-7:2010), giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're using high-quality, safe, and reliable martial arts equipment. Whether you're a professional fighter or just starting out in the sport, DBX Bushido has got you covered with the best gear for your training needs.
One size - Mouthgard for adults 10+
Fabric: EVA + HydraGel material
How to use:
1. Put the protector in hot water for about 60 seconds to soften it
2. Rinse in cold water (about 1 second)
3. Apply to the jaw and bite down to form the shape
4. You can repeat the process paying special attention to the proper bite down of the mouthguard in front part on both sides of the teeth (external and internal)

DBX Bushido Mouthguard White Teeth

is a high quality teeth and jaw protector made of HydraGEL material. Is designated for both, professional and amateur athletes, who care about their protection on the highest level.

The main advantages of HydraGEL TM:

• About 40% more flexibility when forming (compared to traditional protectors)
• Better fit to the shape of the teeth
• Greater stability of the protector during exercises
• Combined with our other Fight Accessories you will get maximum protection during your workout

HydraGEL TM:

Is currently the best quality material used in professional mouthguards, it is a material that in the process of forming the protectors takes on a very soft consistency, perfectly matching the shape of the teeth. HydraGEL becomes almost fluid, which makes the process of shaping the protectors shorter and easier, and the obtained adjustments make the protector perfectly fits the teeth during use.

Mouthguard White Teeth consists of 2 layers:

Inner layer consists of HydraGel , which ensures a very good fit to the shape of the teeth, while the outer layer is made of a thick rubber that provides excellent protection of the teeth and jaw during impacts. Mouthguard White Teeth has been equipped with a system of channels that facilitate the flow of air, making it easier to breathe during training.




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