Pit Bull Training Bag TNT Logo Blue

• Security – the bag has locks that can be secured with padlocks
• Compatibility – the bag has a practical headphone output
• Functionality – extra space for wet clothes and shoes

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If you're looking for high-quality clothing and equipment for mixed martial arts and other fight sports, look no further than Pit Bull West Coast. Founded in 1989, this popular brand is renowned for its exceptional sports gear, especially in the fighting fields of BJJ, MMA, and Grappling. Pit Bull West Coast is also a proud sponsor of FILA, Shooto, KSW, and ADCC, some of the most prestigious organizations in the Fight Sport world.
Pit Bull West Coast products are trusted and respected by many professional athletes, and are well-known for their durability, quality, and unique designs. At Progress Shop Amsterdam, you can find a wide range of Pit Bull products, including rashguards with short and long sleeves, sports leggings, compression shorts, and collections for both men and women. Whether you're a mixed martial arts fighter or a fan of fight sport, Pitbull West Coast has the gear you need to excel in your sport.

The Pit Bull Training Bag Logo TNT Blue

Is an excellent choice for lovers of martial arts, fitness and the gym. Thanks to its capacity and functionality, this bag will hold many necessary things, such as MMA gloves, BJJ rashguard or grappling leggings.

The bag is ideal for people who train combat sports such as MMA, boxing, kickboxing or judo, because it allows you to safely store the necessary equipment, including gloves, protectors and training clothes.

For fitness and gym enthusiasts, the Pit Bull Training Bag Logo TNT Blue is also very useful. This bag will fit not only training clothes, but also sports shoes, a towel, a water bottle and many other necessary training accessories. This bag is also perfect for people who like to travel. Thanks to its capacity and functionality, it allows for safe and convenient storage of things while traveling.

Core attributes:

• Featuring handles and a detachable wide strap with a shoulder pad, this bag ensures comfortable carrying all your training accessories
• All pockets are closed with zippers to secure store and organize your fight gear.
• Padlock can be added for extra security
• The fold-out bottom of the bag provides increased capacity, making it easier to fit all your essentials
• An additional space is included specifically for storing wet clothes and shoes, ensuring the rest of your items stay clean and dry
• It has a strong base with rubber feet to protect against damage and keep it stable.and protected against wear and tear
• With a practical headphone output, you can easily access your music while on the go
• The bag’s high-quality indelible prints won’t fade over time, making it both functional and stylish
• Measuring 32cm x 45cm x 70cm, this bag has a space for all your training needs
• With a large 100L capacity, the TNT Logo Training Bag Blue is perfect for extended trips or transporting all your gear to the gym
• Made with 100% nylon material, this bag ensures high durability and resistance to wear and tear

Pit Bull Training Bag Logo TNT Blue is made of durable materials, which makes it resistant to mechanical damage and wear. Thanks to this, the bag will serve for many years without losing its aesthetic qualities.

To sum up, the Pit Bull Training Bag Logo TNT Blue is a product that will meet the expectations of anyone looking for a functional and durable training bag. Perfect for martial arts, fitness and gym lovers, as well as for people who like to travel. This sports bag will serve you for many years and will allow you to conveniently and safely store the necessary training equipment.



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