Pit Bull Compression Shorts Dot Camo 2 Grey

• Classic design
• Anatomical fit
• 4-way stretch system

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If you're looking for high-quality clothing and equipment for mixed martial arts and other fight sports, look no further than Pit Bull West Coast. Founded in 1989, this popular brand is renowned for its exceptional sports gear, especially in the fighting fields of BJJ, MMA, and Grappling. Pit Bull West Coast is also a proud sponsor of FILA, Shooto, KSW, and ADCC, some of the most prestigious organizations in the Fight Sport world.
Pit Bull West Coast products are trusted and respected by many professional athletes, and are well-known for their durability, quality, and unique designs. At Progress Shop Amsterdam, you can find a wide range of Pit Bull products, including rashguards with short and long sleeves, sports leggings, compression shorts, and collections for both men and women. Whether you're a mixed martial arts fighter or a fan of fight sport, Pitbull West Coast has the gear you need to excel in your sport.

Pit Bull West Coast – Compression Shorts Dot Camo 2

From the newest Pit Bull collection! These MMA compression shorts are designed to give you the perfect combination of style and performance during your workouts.

Primary characteristics

• Boasts an anatomical fit for enhanced comfort and performance
• Features a unique geometric camo pattern for added style and distinction
• Thermoactive and breathable fabric effectively removes heat from your skin, providing a pleasant feeling of coolness
• Quick-drying material helps maintain hygiene and prevent unpleasant odours
• Fabric with a 4-way stretch system stretches in every direction without restricting movement, making it ideal for all sports and physical activities
• Nylon blend material ensures a smooth and highly comfortable fit
• Flat elastic seams made with soft threads provide protection against skin abrasions
• Sublimation printing process produces indelible and durable prints
• Made with Pit Bull West Coast Spandex® Fabric for exceptional quality and performance
• Combine it with one of our rashguards for better performance!

Anatomical fit and 4-way stretch fabric

These fight compression shorts are have an anatomical fit, so they fit closely and tightly around the body, without being restrictive or uncomfortable, and providing a supportive, second-skin feel. The 4-way stretch system allows for unrestricted movement in every direction. The high compression provides excellent muscle support, helping to prevent injuries and improve performance. It helps to improve blood circulation and muscle recovery after exercise.

Breathable and thermoregulating

The advanced fabric technology ensures that these shorts are thermoregulating and breathable. Thanks to that the body is able to maintain a stable core temperature, regardless of the external conditions. It makes your you feeling cool and comfortable. Additionally, the quick-drying material helps maintain hygiene and prevents from forming any unpleasant odors. Both features are especially important during high-intensity workouts or in warm, humid environments where excessive sweat can lead to discomfort and chafing.

Classic design and smooth materiaal

Dot Camo 2 Sport compression shorts have a geometric camo pattern. These compression shorts offer a classic design that complements other sportswear pieces. The shorts are made from a blend of 80% nylon and 20% spandex. This blend makes them extremely comfortable and smooth to the touch, and the elastic seams are made with soft threads to protect your skin from chafing during intense workouts.

These sport shorts are suitable for all types of physical activities, such as gym or running workouts, as well combat sports like a MMA, BJJ or Grappling. They are perfect for anyone, who is looking for high-performance and comfortable sportswear. The sublimation printing ensures that the designs will last and won’t fade or wear off, so you can enjoy these shorts for many workouts to come.

Overall, the Pit Bull West Coast – Dot Camo 2 Compression Shorts are an excellent choice for fight athletes looking for high-quality, durable and stylish sportswear that enhances their performance and provides maximum comfort.



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