Extreme Hobby Training Shorts Neo Lime

• Fluorescent paint
• String to prevent slipping from the hips
• Resistant to stretching, resistant to deformation

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Founded in 2011, Extreme Hobby is a Polish brand that offers sports apparel for physically active individuals, including mixed martial arts fighters and extreme sports enthusiasts. All Extreme Hobby products boast a unique design, characterized by exceptional patterns made through sublimation printing. The brand's reputation is built on its products' quality, which is resistant to external factors.
Extreme Hobby products are endorsed by some of the most significant sports federations such as Fight Exclusive Night, Polsat Boxing Night, Spartan Fight, and the National Wrestling League, and sponsored by top sportsmen. The brand is renowned for its high-quality products that are 100% made in Poland, ensuring detailed workmanship and controlled production for guaranteed customer satisfaction.
The MMA clothing by Extreme Hobby is the top choice of Poland's best mixed martial arts fighters. Extreme Hobby offers sports clothing that includes compression shirts, leggings, compression and training shorts, which are suitable for contact sports, reducing the risk of injuries during intense training.
The materials used in the products' production provide sophisticated thermoregulation systems that keep the body dry and the muscles warm, ensuring top performance during training.
Extreme Hobby products are made of high-quality polymer fibers, which maintain their strength while keeping the products lightweight. The clothing is designed to fit the body maximally, offering incredible comfort during training and preventing abrasions during exercise.
Choosing martial arts clothing from Extreme Hobby guarantees efficient, intense, and smooth training sessions, making it the ideal choice for MMA, grappling, BJJ, kickboxing, and other contact sports.

Extreme Hobby Training Shorts Neo Lime

Experience premium quality and durability with Extreme Hobby Training Shorts Neo Lime. Designed for athletes who demand the best in functionality and comfort during their workout, these shorts boast an extremely durable construction with a lightweight design.

• Ultra-Lightweight shorts with a specially woven polyester fiber with rip-stop technique
• Extremely durable with very low basis weight
• Flexible fabric allows for matching of the product during intensive training
• Pleasant to the touch fabric do not absorb moisture and do not lose their color due to UV radiation
• Together with our Rashguard Long Sleeve Neo Lime creates a stylish and unique look

Ultra-Lightweight Comfort with Specially Woven Polyester Fiber:

The Extreme Hobby Training Shorts Neo Lime are designed for athletes who demand the best in durability, functionality, and comfort during their workout. They are made from the highest quality materials . Thanks to that they are ultra-lightweighta and comfortable to wear during intense exercise. The specially woven polyester fiber transports moisture away from the skin and optimizes body temperature regulation for optimal performance.

Flexible and Durable Design for MMA Training:

The reliable 2-way stretch system of the Extreme Hobby athletic shorts allows for freedom of movement, while the rip-stop fabric provides durability and minimal weight. The quick-drying material promotes hygiene and helps prevent unpleasant odors. Additionally, the fabric is flexible and allows for a perfect fit during intense training. The fabric is also pleasant to the touch and does not absorb moisture, nor does it lose its color due to UV radiation.


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